Friday, June 19, 2009

Shine Your Light

Yesterday, I went to my husband's office so I could meet the woman in charge of mail delivery. When we first arrived, the position was unfilled and the person assigned to cover it was bitter and let a lot of things slide (including returning packages addressed to me despite our filling the mail paperwork out 3 times). When this woman took over, everything changed. She did her job with efficiency, accuracy and JOY! I'm sure she didn't dream of processing and delivering mail when she was a little girl and the job probably doesn't pay all that much, but she does it with joy. She is a light in the world. You don't have to cure cancer to shine your light. You just have to shine. And she does, every time she brings the mail.

Unfortunately, she is leaving due to a painful personal situation, but she continues to shine. She cuddled Eva and told me that it had been her dream to have children, but she'd never been able to because her soon-to-be ex-husband changed his mind after they got married. Now it is too late. Even in her pain, she took joy in Eva. She has a beautiful faith that she says will see her through this.

I am grateful to have met her, to have her light shine on me in her darkest hour. She reminds me that you can't control everything, but you can control your reaction. This lesson couldn't have come at a better time as we are going to have to scramble to move next week (destination still unknown). I started to freak out today and then I thought of her. We'll get things worked out. It may not be pretty, but I don't have to contribute to the ugly.

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