Monday, June 22, 2009

Real Estate Resolution!

So, did we take the house that needed the garage renovation or the apartment in the new complex that won't be ready until July 15 (at the earliest)?

Answer: Neither.

Yesterday, real estate agent#1 showed us a place in a building by the post. We'd seen it before but didn't want to live there. Well, somewhere between desperation and panic we decided it was liveable.

In short, we ran out of time.

Neither of our best options were without risk and we weren't willing to take those risks, especially with Curt traveling for most of July. In comparison to our current place, the new place is smaller, the layout is stupid and the view is crap. However, the stove is nicer, the sauna in the building is nicer, it has a small indoor playroom and it is much closer to the post.

Two comments that helped us decide:

From my mom,"Curt travels a lot. Pick the place that is easiest to handle life with two kids by yourself."
From my sister,"Does it really matter that much?"

We can walk to Post and to the metro from the new place. It is a flat walk, so very doable. It is much easier to tell people how to get here. It will be much easier to get a teenage babysitter from Post. The building is full of Americans as is the other, newer complex next door. If Ian goes to the preschool I've been thinking about, the bus will pick him up at the Post gate near our new place.

It will be easier in a lot of ways and it is available NOW. The current residents are moving out 3 months early so it is good for us and the landlord.

Also, we've decided to make a point to use the sauna at least once a week. Curt may actually be able to use the gym now since we are closer to Post. The gyms around here seem to open at 6am and that is just a little too late when you add the commute time.

As for the layout, we will just have to deal with it. We may have to store the Bowflex on the balcony. Curt didn't use. I won't use it and it takes up a lot if room. Maybe we will sell it. I don't know. Ian will be farther away in his own room than I would like, but I think he is ready. We will probably buy a twin mattress set and put the bed rails on it and let him decide when to move.


AM said...
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packfamily said...

A good friend of mine lives in City Park, and her apartment is HUGE. I think that the ease of life being so close to post, and walking distance to bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, will make any flaws in the apartment well worth it. Plus the play room there is great, especially with the little tables and chairs. I had a craft day there last week with my friends so the kiddos could make Father's Day crafts!

AM said...
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Mama Seoul said...

Thanks, Chalica! The playrooms at CP and PT will be great during for rain and cold.

Our Little Bonbon said...

I'm glad you're not homeless! ^.~

If you ever feel like your place is small, just come visit me.

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks, OLB.

Sarah said...

can't wait to see the new place!

Amynf said...

Congrats! So you will be at CP?I think you will like the convenience.And then you will be right there so I can come visit when I am at Yongsan:)

Mama Seoul said...

Yes, we went with CP at the last minute. You are welcome any time!

Amynf said...

At least the stress of it's over. We were at CJ9 Park (over by AcroTower out gate 1). It was nice on the surface. After about two months everything (and I mean everything) started falling apart. We were the first tenants too.