Sunday, June 28, 2009

Real Estate Smackdown!

The damage is worse, oh so much worse than previously thought. There is evidence of water coming down the walls as well so it is not just a problem with leaks from the tub. There is black mold. I think the place may have to be gutted and our stuff is now inside. We are not sure what to do, but it isn't looking good. I think we may have to put stuff in temporary storage and find temporary housing until we either find another place or they fix that one.

On top of that, Curt lost one of the books from his class in the move. The last three assignments are from the book and there is no time to order another one. He tried to buy it online as a PDF, but because of our IP address, he wasn't able to buy it. Then, we went to pay for my yoga class and I realized that I brought the wrong envelope. I had my medical records instead of the cash. I filled out the form anyway and will get the cash to Magic Pond later. After that, we headed back to the new apartment to look for the book again. As we were getting Eva out of the car, Ian jumped up and hit his head on the door. He had quite a gash and though the bleeding wasn't uncontrollable and he didn't lose consciousness, I thought he should go to the ER. So Curt continued to look for the book and Eva, Ian and I headed to the ER.

The doctor cleaned it out and said he could have a staple or she could put glue on it and tie his hair together. We opted for treatment #2 since it would be less painful and there would be a scar either way. Ian freaked and the doctor brought in three helpers to hold him down, but they couldn't restrain him. Finally, I handed Eva to the nurse and said, "Ian, do you want some milk?"

He calmed instantly and I leaned over him to nurse him. He completely relaxed and the doctor tied and glue him and we were on our way. Breastmilk: liquid valium for the preschool set.

Curt finally found his book and though he couldn't complete his assignment on time, at least he'll be able to catch up.

Since Ian is supposed to keep his head dry for 24-48 hours, I am going to try to cancel swim lessons for this session. It will be one less thing to deal with during this craziness.

My sister comes on July 2 and Curt leaves on July 5. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow with the real estate agent and the owner.

I am really trying not to freak out, but to ride the wave. Things will work out one way or another. It may be expensive, but it will work out. The sad thing is that I was really excited to live there and to take advantage of being close to base.


Our Little Bonbon said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear of al of your troubles! I hope everything gets sorted out soon. I'm happy he found his book at least!

MommyCha said...

Hope things get sorted soon! I'm sorry to hear that this move is becoming so complicated. We are keeping our fingers crossed that things get resolved smoothly and quickly so you can come and play! ^.~

Connie said...

Oh my!! You have had too much come at you at once!!! Sorry!! I have been away... I am sending lots of make-up virtual hugs and gobs and 'bags' of strength and peace!! Hang in there. This craziness will pass... and hopefully soon, with as little complication as possible!

Amynf said...

You have had an intense week! Love that you nursed Ian into sedation;) I wonder what the staff thought. Saw the pics of the news place, WOW. Good luck with everything. I wish I could say if there is anything I can do to help let me know but I am not sure what that could be.