Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving in Korea, Part I: The Movers

The movers were an interesting bunch. There were 5 of them:

1. A skinny, older man with a voice like he'd been chain-smoking since the age of 5.

2. A buff, younger man (most movers that I've seen are either tiny and muscular in a wiry way or big and muscular, yet overweight, but this guy knew his way around a gym)

3. A gruff woman in platform sandals who was overly interested in Eva.

4. The boss had a perm.

5. Another guy who wasn't as much of a character as the others.

They showed up with one truck that looked like a big pickup truck with an open bed. I wondered how they were ever going to get our stuff loaded on. I wondered how they would transport the stuff on the hills without things falling out. I called Sarah who assured me that this was typical and not to worry.

Since the move was just across town, they packed things in crates and some reusable boxes. They wrapped the furniture and appliances in furniture blankets that looked like cheap Turkish-type carpet designs.

It took 4 trucks to get our stuff out. They were fully loaded as well. The female mover talked to and looked at Eva a long time. It was a little unnerving because she was sleeping most of that time. She asked me through gesture if I was breastfeeding and was very happy when I told her that I was. She said,"Bap" and was making eating gestures. I couldn't understand whether she was telling me to eat rice or offering rice to me. I didn't have any food. They ordered food and ate. She spoke no English and I spoke no Korean.

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