Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 Months of Eva

I'm finally able to change my song from,"Wake up, Little Eva (or Little Mama)! Wake up!" to "Hello, Little Eva, Hello!" Eva is finally starting to be awake a lot more and showing us her personality. She scoots herself along the floor during tummy time. She loves to smile and still loves to eat. She likes to listen to me read and sing. Ian did not at her age. We took her to the pool and she didn't like it at first, but I got her in up to her shoulders. Ian starts swim lesson tomorrow. It is parent-child swim so I am planning to have Eva in the baby carrier while I help Ian swim. Hope they let me do it. I do not have a back-up plan. Maybe I could put her in the carseat carrier, but I don't think she will tolerate that for the whole class.

She is very calm as long as she is changed immediately (she does not like to wet), fed immediately and held. When she is in the carrier, she falls asleep and is so quiet sometimes I forget that she is there for a moment. It is like still being pregnant. She has decided that she hates riding in the car. She was fine when we took a trip on the subway and the train because I could hold her, but she does not like the carseat. Ian holds her hand so she knows she is not alone. Sometimes holding her hand helps. Sometimes singing to her helps. But, often, the only thing that helps is to get out of the car.

Also, she has waved seemingly in response to being waved at. It is probably just a coincidental involuntary reflex, but it looks cool.

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Sarah said...

Very cute pics! I like the one where she's waving...she's kind of waving like the queen...:D