Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pognae Baby Carrier (Ergo-like Baby Carrier)

********Update: Sarah has said that now that she has used the Pognae for awhile, that she has noticed it is shorter than the Ergo and she thinks Grace will outgrow it faster. Still, she is happy with it.
Sarah has a review of the Pognae Baby Carrier, available on GMarket here in Korea. It is cheaper than the Ergo and has some extra features and cuter designs.

I have the Beco (4th Generation) and Ergo. I like this style of carrier because it is easy to use, secure, quick to get on and off and it is comfortable to carry baby for a long time.

If I needed another carrier, I would try the Pognae.

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Sarah said...

I used it a lot today and it was good. We were both comfortable. She even slept in it for a bit (a feat for Grace). As you say, the ease of getting baby in and out is key.... I had to get her out of the stroller and in the carrier in a hurry as the bus was pulling up, and I was able to do that. Although I like wraps, for me at least, it takes me too long to get her in and out and get everything adjusted and comfy. And it's getting warm out there...