Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moby Wrap Korea Launches

Mommy Cha loved her Moby wrap so much that she brought Moby to Korea. The website is in Korean. The front page has English, but when you click on the links, all the relevant information is in Korean. They just launched so they may be working on an English version of the site later, but if you want to buy, now, you may need someone that reads Korean to help you.

If you want to see the Moby Wrap in person, Moby Wrap Korea got a last minute booth-entry in to the Coex Baby Fair (August 20-29, 2009).

The great thing about Moby Wrap Korea is that Sarah really knows how to use the wrap and can help you learn to use it well. In the babywearing circles, I've found that wrap lovers are diehards. They REALLY, REALLY love wraps. Everyone who loves them says they are so easy to use, but my eyes just glazed over when looking at the instructions. Since I had trouble getting my baby positioned in a ring sling and had no experienced babywearers around me, I went a soft-structured carrier.

However, at Moby Wrap Korea, they even have Moby Wrap Meetups where parents and babies get together for fun activities so you could get hands-on help. Once you learn how to use the wrap it becomes second nature. It still takes longer to put on and off than a soft structured carriers, but it folds up small and adjusts well to all kinds of body types.


Amynf said...

My eyes glazed over as well. I am an Ergo gal.

MommyCha said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word for us! Due to the start up costs we will not have an English option on the website yet.
However, in the "About Us" section my contact details are written in English for anyone who wishes to order or ask for help! I'll try and post in the events section in both languages for anyone who wants to join in some Moby meet-ups!