Monday, June 15, 2009

Eva's Baek-Il: She's Delightful!

Today marks Eva's 100 Days. It is a very important day in Korea. I read that you are supposed to give rice cakes to 100 people for her long life. I think maybe I will bring cookies or chocolate to the office tomorrow instead. The "sweet" rice cakes aren't our thing, but chocolate definitely is! We did not do a party for her, but it has caused me to reflect on these past three months and that I am now a mother of two. My daughter is delightful! Getting to know a new little person brings an all-encompassing joy to my life. There have been a few things bringing me down and freaking me out (real estate deals or lack thereof), but today we went in the pool for Ian's swim lesson (she was strapped to me in the carrier) and she did better than Ian and it is making the other stuff fade into the background (at least temporarily). When she sticks out her wrinkly, little neck like a turtle and smiles, I smile back and hope that the image of my smiling face imprints on her heart to carry her through when I can no longer fix her problems as I can right now.


AM said...

If I can help with Eva during swim lessons (walk around the PX?) or with anything else, let me know. I'd love to babysit her!

Mama Seoul said...

Thank you so much! She is doing well for now and it is fun to get her used to the water at the same time, but if we start to have problems, I will definitely take you up on it. We are just going to stay at the pool after his lesson today because the pool opens right after if you and the kids want to come over and hang out.