Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Injured at the Hospital!

At playgroup today, I heard that I might have a difficult time scheduling my appointment with Radiology for my sonogram. They suggested I go in person and schedule it to avoid language difficulties. People don't seem to answer the phone on this Post and when they do, they often hang up on you. Annoying!

So, after playgroup ended at 11:30, I drove to Apgujeong to pickup the new yoga schedule so I can start going back. (I have 24 classes to use by December 17). By the time we got back to the back it was almost 12:30, so we went for lunch. 12:00-1:00pm is usually the lunch hour, anyway. So, after lunch, I went to the hospital and scheduled my sonogram. It was easy. The lady was both quick and polite. It was shocking and a happy surprise! As I was driving home, I remembered that Ian had his 2 year old check up today! I rushed back to the hospital and was 25 minutes late for my appointment (I usually wait for over an hour to be seen, but still). As we are standing at the reception desk to see if we can still get in, Ian whacks his face into the desk and cuts his face near his eye. He was flirting with a little girl and turned away from her ad right into the desk!

Fortunately, the doctor agreed to see us and even took care of his cut. She had her nurse go to the ER to get Dermabond (superglue for wounds). She cleaned him up and glued him up. That was really awesome because she could have just sent us to the ER where we probably would have waited for hours.

The bandaid was put near his wound, but not over it because of the Dermabond. You can see the little cut.

Also, while he was in the doctors office, he bonked the top of his head on the doctor's desk! Poor guy. Poor me.


Connie said...

Oh! Poor little guy! Wonder if he is going through, or getting ready to hit, another growth spurt? Brian seemed to go through periods of grace and clumsiness - he'd get is balance and be graceful. Then grow and need a bit to refind that balance. But then again... some days are just like that... sigh...

Mama Seoul said...

He was turning to look at a girl and then quickly turning away from her so he wasn't paying attention to where he was and turned himself smack into the desk. Ugh!

Connie said...

Girls are dangerous, but he's a boy. It is his destiny to never figure that out. ;-)