Sunday, September 21, 2008

AAAACKKK! Halloween is Coming!

I need to figure out what Ian is going to be for Halloween. His first Halloween he was a Vampire Monkey. I took the cape from a vampire costume and put it on a monkey costume and we went to the Breastfeeding Support Group Halloween Party.

Last year, he wore a traditional outfit from Qatar that my friend Shelly got him. He carried around some camels. They love camel racing in Qatar. I didn't put a lot of thought into that costume, but it just worked out. We went to the party at Breastfeeding Support Group and a Playgroup party.

This year, I need to figure out a costume. The PX has a very small selection so I need to make something or order something quick. He is still at the age where he doesn't care. He doesn't know characters other than Sesame Street and Signing Time. He likes Elmo, but I am not going to make him Elmo for Halloween. It would be fun to do something political. Maybe I could dress up him like Sarah Palin. That would be funny! Wrong, but funny. He doesn't mind getting makeup on... I guess the key pieces are the glasses, the lipstick, heels and maybe some hair piece. Or maybe not so literal and make him a pig in lipstick? I am not calling her a pig in lipstick just making fun of that reference that has been tossed around.

Any suggestions?


Connie said... is where I got my kids their costumes. Brian wanted to be a Pokemon character, Honor picked a unicorn - it's a toy she wears with suspenders to make it look like she's riding a unicorn. I'll dress her in a dress-up princess costume to go with. I think it would be fun to create costumes, and as they get older, they might enjoy that - I can remember making up different costumes for different events, just for fun - but they're at the age that they want specific characters... I don't think I could pull off making a Pikachu cheaper than just buying the thing!

Ian the camel racer is a cutie!

Mama Seoul said...

Definitely, when they want something specific it is easier to buy. Also as they get older and in school I think they start to prefer the store made costumes because that is what their friends have. 2 years ago, I got his monkey costume from Old Navy and the vampire costume on clearance from Babies R Us.

Still thinking for this year, though

Daffernia said...
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