Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bye, Bye Bumbleride

It has tortured me for months, but it is finally over. I ordered a Bumbleride Indie stroller in March from It never came. Their policy is 8 weeks for APO. They didn't have any in stock when I e-mailed them about the missing stroller but were supposed to get some in towards the end of May. That date came and went and I never heard whether they shipped it or not. I sent an e-mail which they didn't answer. I sent another and they said they still hadn't received the stroller in stock to send out. Finally, on June 30, I called because I still hadn't heard anything from them and I requested a refund. they said they would process it. I asked in an e-mail when I could expect the refund and they said 1-2 business days. On July 10, I e-mailed to say I hadn't received it, yet and they never responded. Finally, towards the end of July, I called the credit card company. They give the company 30 days from the date the refund is promised to deliver before they take it. Since, it wasn't quite 30 days, I had to wait. I called back in mid-August and the credit card company disputes section processed the refund. AFTER, they processed the refund, contacted me and said they did process the refund, but it takes two billing cycles.

If they had just responded to e-mails and told me that it would take 2 billing cycles, rather than 2 business days, I would have been fine. Instead, it has tortured me and I feel like they were trying to make me forget about $447 (stroller + shipping).

Today, I completed the final piece of this puzzle and e-mailed Bumbleride customer service. It is not their fault, but just to let them know about the crappy customer service from one of their authorized retailers. Finally, I erased "Bumbleride stroller" off the dry erase board.

Now that I am going back to the States, I will be able to order using UPS so I shouldn't have any trouble. What would be even better would be to try to see it, or other strollers in person before I buy. Still debating a double stroller purchase...

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Connie said...

Grr! Sorry about your stroller experience. I have a pregnant friend here who is having similar issues regarding a crib. Glad it is a 'to do' list item checked OFF at any rate.