Friday, September 12, 2008

Awesome Montessori News!

Since we are going back to Erie for Christmas and the baby, Curt realized we will probably be in Erie through the beginning of May, which is almost the entire spring semester of Montessori. I called and they said that they will probably have kids transitioning to the next classroom after Christmas so Ian could have a spot. I mailed in my paperwork and deposit right away. I am a little worried because I mailed it right before the biggest Korean holiday. Hopefully, it will get there alright. If it doesn't arrive within 2 weeks, I will ask my mom to send in a deposit.

We are going to do the 3 day toddler program. Ian did really well at the school last year so I am hoping that he transitions back in smoothly. It is also awesome because it is affordable. It is less than 1/5 the price of 3 day tuition at the Montessori in Seoul. We can't afford it in Seoul unless the government pays. I think they will only pay for Kindergarten and up, though. I am going to try to get the details in writing on what they will pay for so we have options for next fall. He will be old enough for the base preschool that is offered through the Chaplain's office. People seem to like it. I would rather have him in Montessori, but you have to go to what is affordable and available. I can't pay $10,000 a year for preschool. I don't think that most of the people going are paying for it themselves, either. The business or government that brought them here pays in many cases.

The Embassy people get $15,000 a year for tuition because that is what the base school charges the Embassy to send the students there. So, they can choose to go on base or to a private foreign school. We are not eligible to use base schools in the States, so I bet they charge our agency as well. I think the same would apply to us, but the Embassy pays for preschool and I don't think that our agency will.


Sarah said...

That's great for Ian. Don't worry; the Korean post is very good, actually. What are your trip dates?

Mama Seoul said...

We leave December 17 and come back after the baby is born. I have to wait to get the passport and I don't want to travel until the baby is at least 6 weeks old. If the baby is born on the due date and the passports come back quickly, the earliest we will be heading back is April 20. I'm thinking it will be more like the beginning or middle of May, though.

I mailed it through the US post office which is staffed by Koreans and government workers. I think it has to go through customs on its way out, but I am not sure. The APO (US military post office that I use) is unpredictable.