Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Balanced Diet

We went on base to run a few errands, including setting up Ian's bowling alley birthday party. We aren't doing it until the end of September, but it should be fun. Whenever we go on the base, Ian says,"I need fries." When we pick up lunch on base we usually goto Burger King. He loves it. It is not the healthiest option so we don't do it all the time, but he mentions it all the time. Today, I told him we had to eat lunch at home. He had pasta with meat, tomatoes and beans with sides of pineapple and zucchini. He went from asking for fries to asking for a second helping of zucchini. He loves vegetables. Good to know the fries aren't ruining his palate.

Speaking of nutrition, when you have a party at the bowling alley, it is a pizza party. You buy the pizzas and soda from the bowling alley. I ordered the pizza (not that it is particularly healthy), but just requested water because I think 2 years old is way too young for soda. I'll probably bring juice and milk as well.


Connie said...

Ha! Not "I want fries" but "I need fries"! Too cute! (Honor is that way with chocolate)

Cairo Mama said...

Ian wakes up demanding chocolate. He loves Sundays because Curt will make chocolate chip pancakes but otherwise he has to wait all day for a treat.