Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tap Dance in Seoul

I went to tap dance class tonight. I haven't tapped since highschool and have forgotten everything. I still have tap shoes, though. I met a Korean woman who is married to an American at a party last weekend. She trained as a jazz pianist, but always wanted to learn tap, so she started taking lessons and asked if I wanted to go along. She speaks English and Korean so she translates for me. The studio is run by a husband-wife team. The wife works in the financial district during the day and helps out at the studio at night and on the weekends. The husband is a full time tapper. Everyone has nicknames. They call me Blondie. They do performances and the next one is in September. If I can get back shuffle ball change, maybe I will do it. Suki (Japanese nickname of my Korean-American friend), my friend, is going away for a few weeks so I will go with her one or two more times before she leaves and then have to get there on my own for a few weeks until she comes back. The drive isn't bad, but the parking is crazy. Next time, I am going to look for a pay lot and just pay instead of doing what she does which is park in the alley. She says she can't park, but she parks much better than I do! At the end of the class you have to perform what you learned in front of everyone. Today was the first day for an adorable little girl named Eileen. She is Korean, but that is her name. She is 6 years old, a little chubby with thick, small framed glasses and just adorable. Her mother is taking the class with her because Eileen is shy and didn't want to do it until her mother got taps and joined in. After the last class, the group sometimes goes out for dinner and drinks. We went to the early class because it is less crowded, but someone brought kimbop (Korean sushi rolls) and we had a little snack before we left. I bought a studio shirt for 9,000won (about $9). I need more shirts. My taps are character taps (high heels). If I stick with it, I might get myself some lower taps. I need to see if I can get there on my own first.


Jacki said...

My name is Jacki and I moved to Seoul about six months ago. I've been trying to find tap lessons in Seoul and haven't been successful. However, I just ran a google search and your blog came up. I was wondering if you'd mind sharing about your tap class. I took a few classes while in the US, but am a beginner. I'd love to get back into it! Thanks for your help.

Cairo Mama said...

It is for all ages and abilities. Even though I have tapped before it was so long ago that I am a beginner again as well. It is 50,000 won for 4 or 5 classes and a practice session. There are other price points as well. Coach Ray (female) speaks English. Her phone number is 010 9979 7379.

It is near the Yanjae metro stop. I am not sure which exit because I drove there, but you o down the alley between Outback Steak House and Coffee Bean and turn right and you will see a building with a pink sign. The E-Z to Tap sign is on the front of that building. You go down the stairs. The studio is in the basement.

I will send you an e-mail as well.

Jenn said...

Hi! My name's Jenn, and I'm in a similar situation to Jacki. I've been looking for tap in Seoul for 2 years, and I'm so excited to find a lead! Do you know when classes are held, etc.?

I'm going to call the number you posted for Jacki, but if you have any other info, I'd really appreciate it! :)

Creative Magic said...

Actually, Suki can be a Korean name. It sounds Japanese, but it's pronounced differently than the Japanese version.

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks for the correction! Her name is Eun Sook and her friends in London gave her that nickname so I guess I just assumed it was not Korean.

LiL LinH said...

I want to learn Tap dance so I tried to find the tap dance shoes, however, no luck. May you suggest where can I find them in Seoul?