Saturday, June 14, 2008

2nd Attempt at GPS

The English GPS units finally arrived at the other vendor on base. We took our Seoul guide book, our electric bill (for our address) and the brochure from the tap studio to see if the vendor could show us how to program things. He said that the address on our bill was the mailing address, but not what we needed to find it in the GPS. Same with the info on the brochure and in the guidebook. In other words, you need to know the area you are going, or the full description in order to use the GPS. Well, if we knew the area, we wouldn't need the GPS. No one seems to be able to explain how addresses work here. So for $540, we passed. I think I will just have to start driving around with people who know where they are going and build my knowledge that way. Even Americans who have been here for years are no help. They don't know the highway numbers. They just drive. Frustrating. I need to write proper directions as I figure things out to help others.

I hope to drive my new friend, Ji-Young to Heyri Art Village on Monday. She will show me where the IKEA is and then go to her art class. I will increase my driving knowledge to three places!


Connie said...

I'm afraid that I would be one of those frustrating Americans who just drives without knowing the directions! I have a wicked internal compass. I just head off in the general direction of where I want to be - and there I'll be. Did I mention before that Google Earth is really amazing? Getting a bird's-eye view really helps me understand the area.

Connie said...

speaking of finding things... we finally got to the bio shop WITH your email in hand for sizes! I got some PJ's for Ian, and some tea. It was very nice. I may have to take the kids back as a reward for how hard they've worked this week and let them pick out a nice thing for their rooms or a outfit or something. I loved it!

Cairo Mama said...

I need someone like you to drive around with! I do not have a good internal compass. Thanks for getting the stuff at the Bio Shop! Let me know how much to send you and I will do it right away.