Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day in the Mountains

We wanted to go to the mountains but didn't have a proper map. We just started driving and ended up on top of a mountain where lots of rich people lived. We didn't make it far! Luckily, my friend Suki called and said her family was going to the mountains. Her husband played a gig the night before so they woke up late. Perfect timing for us! The drive took about an hour and a half due to traffic more than distance. It is significantly cooler up in the mountains. We hung out by the water and had some Korean red wine and snacks. We stopped off at a Korean barbeque place on the way home and had pork and bacon with a variety of kimchis, cold vinegar soup with noodles, and more with Korean saki. "We-hi-o" is the Korean toast. You cook your own meat at the table over hot coals. The bacon is super delicious but so bad for you (probably marinated in sugar and soy). I wish I had taken pictures. We arrived home so late we just put Ian down without changing his clothes. We changed his diaper without him waking up and didn't want to push our luck. Here he is the morning after with his baby and his dog:

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Connie said...

for some reason, I did not see this lovely post! Wonderful pictures - your guys look happy :-) (I stopped by your blog to grab the map!)