Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meeting New Friends in Insadong

I went to the AWC meeting last month and met Jessica. Her husband is working over here on the same project as Curt, but in a different capacity. She was a teacher in the States, but isn't working right now. She has made a lot of interesting friends and gathered us together, old and new for an outing in Insadong. I was really impressed with her itinerary. It was thorough and well-timed. We went to a tea museum and shop, then another little museum (Mokin Museum) and finished up with lunch. I feel great! It is awesome to connect with people who are open and active. One woman is a meditation instructor. Another owns The Well-Being Shop in Itaewon which I learned has bellydance, yoga and candlemaking classes. When the two of them connected, they talked about holding meditation classes at the Well Being Shop Studio which would be great for me! I met another woman who got her masters in Graphic Design, but is the mother of a 15 month old and living in Seoul for her husband's work. Curt mentioned a possible film project that I wouldn't be comfortable doing myself, but if she could her me, that would be great! She would like to get her daughter into modeling so I am going to pass a picture of her daughter onto the modeling agent.

I had Ohmija Cha (5 Taste Tea) at the tea shop, pictured below:

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