Sunday, June 22, 2008

Adventure to the 63 Building in Seoul

We look at the 63 Building out our window everyday. We've been across the river to Yeouido and walked by the 63 Building, but had not been inside so we decided to remedy that today. For 26,000 Won a piece (Ian was free), we got a ticket to the Sky Deck, the Aquarium and the IMAX show.

We started out in the 63 Sea World Aquarium. There are plenty of different types of fish and other species to see including, sea otters, seals, penguins, some reptiles, sting rays, eels, etc. It is not a huge aquarium, but it is a good size for an outing, especially with a toddler. Ian enjoyed himself.

Then, we took the elevator up to the Sky Deck.

The Sky Deck has a "Thrill Deck" where you can stand and see straight down. There is a warning sign that looks like Marilyn Monroe with her dress blowing up so that people don't unwittingly flash.

Incredible views of the city:

Our house:

We took a lunch break at a Japanese place. I had spicy pork cutlet and Curt had sushi. The sushi in Korea is really disappointing. It tastes like cafeteria/mall sushi in the US. I had much better sushi in the US, even in Erie, PA, the sushi was better. Kim Bab, the "Korean Sushi" is very good, but they don't put raw fish in it. I've seen ham, hot dog, tuna salad, egg, etc. Every type I've had has been delicious, but the raw fish type sushi is terrible. It is really thin and not fresh tasting. Not a lot of tuna and salmon, either. Ugh. I need to get to yoga soon so I can plan a sushi lunch with Meg (from Japan). Hopefully, she knows where to find decent sushi. Though, it is probably ridiculously expensive. Anyway, Ian was decently behaved during lunch and afterwards we headed to the IMAX show.

The IMAX show currently playing is "Mysteries of Egypt". It was cool because we have seen most of the places in person. Ian seemed into it in the begininning, but fell asleep a few minutes into the show. We had English headsets. It is a little hard to concentrate on the picture when you have to listen so hard to hear the narration. We enjoyed it anyway.


Emily said...

looks fun..isn't it scary?:)

Cairo Mama said...

It wasn't that bad, but I the elevator is fast and it did make me a little dizzy watching everything pass.