Monday, June 2, 2008

Working Through Anxiety

The vacuum is a keeper. It is definitely more substantial than the cheap vacuums I have purchased in the past and seems to pick up on the bare floors pretty well.

The GPS is going back. It just isn't that easy to use and the manual is terrible. Old Karen would not return it because I felt I should be smart enough to use it. But, as Curt and my friend, Chad, always say,"faulty design". It is too expensive to keep when I couldn't find the things I was looking for. I don't want to put the effort in to figure it out and I don't think I will, so it is going back. Curt bought it so he needs to return it. We have 15 days, but I want to try to do it today or tomorrow.

Instead, I need to start learning Korean and make an effort to find a good road map.

On exercising, I bought a 30 class pass for yoga. Among the options, you can do unlimited for 1 month, 3 times a week for 3 months, or a 10-, 20-, or 30- class card. In May, I did unlimited for 1 month. Unfortunately, due to babysitting being full, I couldn;t go as much as I wanted. It was still cheaper per class than the 10 or 20 class card, though. I would like to 3 times a week, so it would seem that the 3 times a week for 3 months would be best, but if we travel and miss a week, then you can't make that up. I've also booked for 4 times a week for the first two weeks of June. However, after buying the class card, I realized that while the per class rate is less than unlimited, unless I make the card last for more than 2 months, I would have been better off getting the unlimited. I guess I will just see how this goes and re-evaluate the next time I need to do my contract based on how much I am going.

I was supposed to go to yoga tomorrow, but I am getting highlights instead. I love the yoga studio but going 4 times a week is not sustainable because it takes half the day. I don't have the motivation to get other stuff done when I get back. I was doing well with Fly Lady when I got dressed first thing in the morning, but with yoga, I don't do hair or makeup because I am going to sweat in the class. I could do it when I get home, but I haven't been. So, the plan is to go 2-3 times a week. Wednesdays are Ian's gymnastics days and I want one day where Ian and I go exploring somewhere. I have been trying to find someone else to go with us, but so far we just can;t get it together to schedule things.

Curt hasn't been able to exercise because he has to be to work too early. The half hour difference in travel time between driving and the metro could be used for exercising is I drove him in, but I don't like getting up. He would like to go to spin class at the base at 5:15pm, but something always happens and he can't get there because he is still working. He gets home at 6:30pm at the earliest if I pick him up, but often it is more like 7:30pm and then he is too tired. I usually get Ian and Roxxy to the playground once a day, but Roxxy really doesn't get enough exercise.

So, something's got to give. I have had to take Curt in to work a few times last week and today because he had to be there even earlier than usual. When I got home, I felt awake, but Ian went back to sleep so I have been thinking about it and we've come up with a new plan to try to get our exercise in: Curt will exercise on the treadmill and bowflex in our apartment in the morning and I will take Roxxy out for a good, hard walk at the same time. That way, if Ian wakes up, Curt will be able to take care of him, but it is unlikely that he will wake up. Then, I will drive Curt to work. When I get home, I will put Ian back in bed, take a shower, get dressed and start my day. Might even be able to get an abdominal or pilates workout in when I get back from dropping Curt off, but I am not going to try to do that in the beginning.

Other things causing anxiety: replacement stroller has not shipped yet; the postal idiots are making us run in circles trying to return the original Gaiam box (that was sent back erroneously by the postal people and some how has come back to us , though we've already received a replacement shipment); house in is CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome); haven't mailed Father's Day cards; etc. etc.

I think this exercise routine will work. I hope so. Curt, Roxxy and I need it!


Connie said...

I should take a picture of my CHAOS-tic living room. It would make you feel better! Or maybe just less alone in the housework predicamint (:-) Imagine toys all over the play area, papers and junk piled on the dining table, magazines piles on the coffee table.. ick! and I don't want to touch it. Think I'll do laundry first, just to spite it all - that'll show it!

I had thought I had my walking, lap-swimming, schedule down, but school is coming to a close and my schedule is right out the window. Ok. one day at a time. New schedule. Which will probably change next week, because Brad may be going out of town, then again the week after that, because summer camp starts. I need to get my calendar in order, after the laundry, after the living room, after the floors...

Here, have a virtual chocolate (no calories!). I think we both need one.

btw - haven't got to the bio shop yet. I used this weekend to get nails done and ended up at a kids' party waaaaaaay across town (never again). I mentioned it to a friend of mine though, and she wants to go now too.

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks for the virtual chocolate! I'll take two!

Cairo Mama said...

A little bit at a time. When I first started the FLy system, I was doing 1 load of laundry everyday and laundry was under control. Since I feel off the wagon, laundry has really piled up, especially since I am not using paper towels. Ian makes so many messes! The only laundry thing I am on top of is the diapers. I don't mind laundry (except ironing), but I've let things go too much. Also, with Curt's long hours, I've decided that I need to go to the commissary on Friday instead of Saturday and I really should do laundry everyday with washing sheets, towels and blankets during the week as well or we will never go anywhere or do anything cultural together.

I guess we just have to keep adjusting. Be fluid and flexible. It's just so hard!

Connie said...

I was trying to do one load a day, but that just wasn't working for me! So, I decided to skip the weekends. On Sunday, after everyone leaves for work/school, I separate all the laundry in piles down the hall. I strip the beds too. The piles stay there all day and I work at them one at a time. I don't care if anyone sees - tough. Sunday is my busy day and I don't socialize then anyway - if someone wants to see me bad enough to come on Sunday, then they love me enough to deal with my laundry! It also keeps me from stressing about doing the 'whole house' mopping. I can't, so I don't, so no stress - it'll wait. Whatever is not done at the end of the day (ie. time to cook dinner) is either stacked by load into the 2 laundry baskets I have, or, stored in one of our three laundry hampers (one per room) for finishing the next day (our machines are slow!). Get the bulk done on one day, and then I may have only 1 or 2 more loads to do for the rest of the week. I avoid paper towels too :-) yay for storage buckets! And I save all the ironing for one day on a bar in the laundry room - I hate ironing and procrastinate the set-up, once I'm at it though, I can keep going until done - yea, I hate it that much! Wish I had a basement to hide the laundry - but I guess hiding it wouldn't really help.