Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Disorganization Saved Me from My Disorganization

Ian and I went to Karuna's 2nd birthday party today at the indoor pool on base. Traffic was terrible. I had to wait through three cycles of the light to turn. Just as I was making progress, Curt called to say that I left the birthday and swim bags at home. There was no place to turn around until I got to the base and by that time it was almost 2:30pm (the party started at 2pm). Luckily, I already had my bathing suit on and I left the pool bag from our last time to the pool in the car so I didn't have to go back to the house. I didn't have time anyway. We were a half hour late and still the first ones there! Even the birthday girl was late because of traffic. (Reason for bad traffic: rain).

Ian played in the pool for an hour and a half. The water comes to my waist so I had to get in and help him. He jumped off the side and went underwater about 50 times in a row before he switched to swimming after a ball and finally, climbing the stairs and jumping off. I had to drag him out kicking and screaming. Even with his wetsuit, he was shivering, but he did not want to leave the pool.

"My pool! My Trina! My pool! My Trina!" he wailed.

He has a hard time with "K" sounds. The other day when we were with Karuna, he said,"Krina", but today he was saying,"Trina". He really likes Karuna. He even tried to blow bubbles in the water after she did it.

After the pool time, we had pizza, hummus, fruit, veggies and cupcakes. The gift bags had a bar of dark chocolate and a little book. (Ian and Karuna love dark chocolate). There were a couple other kids there and two other couples without kids. It was a very relaxed, laid back party.

On the way in, we saw Ian's friend and modeling associate, Caroline, with her mom and sister. At the party, one of the guests we met at the ACS Playgroup. It seems big at times, but is a small community.

I am thinking that we will do Ian's 2nd birthday at the bowling alley, but I haven't decided, yet.

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Connie said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, even if it started a bit crazy :-) Brian used to be difficult to remove from cold pools - he'd be PURPLE from cold and not want to get out. Silly boys!