Saturday, June 7, 2008


I feel like everyone else knows where to go and is clued in and we are not. Today, we attempted to go to IKEA. Someone posted directions on the Yongsan Playgroup message board and we attempted to follow them. Everything was going well, until the end. It was nothing like the directions described. No IKEA. Couldn't find it. It is supposed to be in Paju Book City. A lot of publishing houses are here. There was a flower and book festival so we walked around that a lot. We asked a few people, but they didn't know. Debilitating not to be able to find it. Now, it is not on the IKEA website, but there is a website:
Of course, I can't read it.


Connie said...

Have you tried loading it through Google's web translate page? Another thing to try is Google Earth, using community tags. People LABEL everything! Most in English. That is how I find things around here sometimes.

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks, Connie. I will try it. I sent some questions into the Seoul Global Center as well so hopefully they will get back to me.

Well-being Shop Jiyoung said...

Hey Karen~
They moved to Heyri from Book City. :)
My first attempt was same as you did but I could speak Korean and asked one of the cafe staff where IKEA was and they told me. :)
I marked on the map for you.

I am taking pottery class near Heyri every Monday full day with other Amerian artist friend Cynthia Genn Toffey and we've been talking about inviting friends over to Heyri for a day trip. :)
We should do that sometime!
It will be fun!

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Heyri!