Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Small Success!

Since arriving in Seoul, it seems like we have been losing money in large chunks for a variety of reasons. One such occurence involved a misunderstanding about when our hotel money was cut off. We signed our lease on a Friday and moved in on a Sunday. It took awhile to move all of our stuff. When we submitted the voucher, they said we were cut off as of Thursday. The PCS rate is $250 per night. The personal rate is $120 per night. Annoying. Expensive mistake. Curt was finally able to talk to the right person to get the difference between the PCS rate and the personal rate refunded so we didn't totally lose out.

There are two big, glaring issues left:

1. Moving claim: we don't know how to submit it.
2. Bumbleride Indie Stroller. It was ordered in March and still hasn't arrived. The company is waiting to get another one in stock to send it to us, but I am coming to the end of my patience. I am starting to worry that they are just blowing me off until the date to get the credit card company to go after them passes. I hope that isn't the case. I should have called the credit card company to ask about it. I do have e-mails from the company, though, so hopefully that will count for something. I am almost ready to just ask them for a refund. We probably won't get the original shipping charge back, but at this point, I just want the anxiety about it to be over. Our Inglesina Zippy is holding up well, so maybe we can get by without it anyway. I did want the Bumbleride for the one-hand push feature and the tougher wheels. I thought it would be easier to get around Seoul. If I ever order a large item again, I think I will free ship it to one of the APO forwarding services or my mom.

Positive thoughts for the stroller.

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bumbleride said...

Dear Cairo Mama,

Please send an email to info@bumbleride.com for information regarding your order. We would be glad to let you know when it will ship and possibly see about expediting it.

You can also reach us by calling 1 800 530 3930.

Best regards,

bumbleride customer service