Tuesday, June 3, 2008

International Battles With Blonde, Take Two

I made a second attempt to get my hair highlighted here in Seoul. The first time, I went on message boards and went to one that was recommended. They claimed to speak English, but they really didn't and they turned my roots orange.

Today, I just decided to go to the Clippers Salon at the Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan Post since it is much closer to the Post childcare center so even if they screwed my hair up, I would at least save transportation time and babysitting fees. Joanne Cho did my hair and she did a great job. She highlighted my hair with foils and then applied a toner to reduce the orangeness of the section the last place created. Finally, a deep conditioner, cut and style. I had a pedicure done while I she was putting in the foils. I went with gold toes. I like pedicures because they last. I like manicures, but I often chip my nails on the way out the salon, so I never get them. Plus, fingernails grows too quickly. But, a pedicure is very satisfying, especially when you have big, ugly toes like I do. Makes them look almost pretty.

The stylists at Dragon Hill are all Korean, but most speak English and they help each other and they work on Western hair (both black and white) a lot, so you can get blonde highlights, braids, extensions, and relaxers. The prices are reasonable. Not cheap, but everything is a la carte, so you don't have to get toner, deep conditioning, and styling if you want to save money. The price was about the same as when I went off-post to the orange hair place.

If you are here in Seoul and don't have base access, if you volunteer at the Second Hand Rose Thrift Store for the AWC, you can get base access so you can go to this Salon if you desperately need highlights!

I did not get up this morning to exercise, but I am going to shoot for doing it tomorrow. We'll see.


Connie said...

Yay! Success! :-) And it was the more convenient salon - now that's lucky.

Cairo Mama said...

I went for it to worth the deep conditioner and the pedicure! Your nails and Honor's nails looked so nice it inspired me, but I went with the feet because my fingernails are very short and they grow too fast and chip too much. Very satisfying to look at my nice toes during gymnastics class today.