Monday, June 23, 2008

The Three Stooges in Seoul

The past few days have been like a Three Stooges episode. On Friday, Curt was reading Ian a story and Ian got excited and kicked his legs out. He toppled the little table with Curt's work computer on it. The result: no hardrive. Curt had just moved his emails off the server and was planning to back them up this weekend when this happened. So everything is gone. He took it in today and they had to send it out because "both heads are destroyed". It had to fall in just the right way to get so messed up. I broke a jar of roasted red peppers and the glass shattered into a million pieces.

On Saturday morning, Ian threw Roxxy's bone and hit Curt in the eye. His eye is blackened. A few weeks ago, Ian poked Curt in the eye causing a big red mark on his eyeball. Then, Curt's apple laptop died, but was recovered when we discovered a nickel shoved inside. It still doesn't sound right so there must be more change in there. Ian threw a plastic wine glass and broke it. He threw the bone again and hit Curt over the other eye. He is throwing everything he can get his hands on. Curt is going to be blind soon!

Today, I dropped a soda as I was trying to put it in the fridge and it exploded, covering every inch of the kitchen. As I tried to clean it up, I hit my head on a cabinet and then broke a wine glass. I couldn't have choreographed this sequence better.

There were some other things, but I don't want to think about them anymore. Hoping for better luck this week.

One good thing that came out of it, he could not do a report he was supposed to do, but when he came in today, people had made changes to all the data so it would have had to have been redone anyway.


Connie said...

oh my! What a crazy chain of events! Stay away from sharp objects for awhile, ok?!!

Cairo Mama said...

Godd advice! I told Curt he needs to wear a helmet at home also!