Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ian Says,"Refrigerator"

He pointed to the large, non-working US refrigerator and said,"Refrigerator". Then, he pointed to the small, built-in European refrigerator and said,"Refrigerator." Lastly, he pointed to the other, small, built-in European refrigerator and said,"Refrigerator".

Big words from little people are so much fun, especially when he can't say,"cat" or "car", it's "tat" and "tar".

He tries to say chocolate and ketchup (as previously reported): tochtate and tetchtup or other versions.

And of course,"cereal" which sometimes comes out as,"cer-real-eal".


Connie said...

We had fridg-eh-gators and fridg-eh-laters for the longest time! That's a hard word! Good going Ian :-)

Brian would not say a word, unless he could say it perfectly (perfectionist from the 1st day). Honor just goes for it - makes it up if she's not sure. Although Brian is starting to be more bold.. he's learning TONS of new words from reading, and he's pronouncing them as they are written. English is a stupid language. Ok, maybe it is flexible and useful, but the rules are insane, and that is never so apparent as when you are trying to teach your kid to use it properly!

Jason said...

Stella's most multi-syllabic word these days is Macaroni.