Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Cab

Ian was a monster at a museum tour and dinner hosted by a Korean General. It got to a point where we had to leave. We tried to take a cab (it wasn't that far from our house), but he cab driver didn't know where to go. I had a Korean tell him, but since there is no logical system of street addresses and our building is only a few years old, he didn't know it. I told him to take me to the Mapo metro stop by the Best Western hotel. He didn't know that. He took me in circles and finally to the Gyondeock metro stop which is a metro stop in Mapo, not the Mapo metro stop. I called the free translation service several times (02-1330). They were somewhat helpful, but they didn't know where my building was either. Then the driver took me to the Mapo LG Xii. The security guards didn't know my building and tried to convince me I lived there. If it weren't for a nice Korean couple who spoke English who lived in Mapo LG Xii and recently purchased a unit in Chung Am GS Xii, I would have had to get out and walk in heels with a sleeping toddler in my arms. I need to get the management's phone number in case this happens again. The total cab fare was over 16,000 won (over $16) when it should have been 4,000 won. I gave him 10,000 won. He pointed to the fare thing and I said,"That's all I have for you. It should have been less." He didn't argue.

The good news of today is that I had to leave Ian with Nanette, the new once a week housekeeper while I took Roxxy out n the rain. I told him to show her his trains and that I would be back. I told her that he would probably cry. He didn't cry. Not at all. He was absolutely fine. She is available to babysit on weekends and some nights. We might be brave enough to try it. Events like tonight prove Ian can't tag along anymore like before. Maybe when he is beyond the food throwing stage. Really embarassing tonight. Yikes! The kid has some power to his pitch.


Connie said...

ooh! Day of extremes, good and bad. Honor is going thru a 'you aren't the boss of me' stage. It's frustrating, but I see that she really wants to say it more than mean it. Kids! Just when you think you know them, they go and grow new emotions! :-)

Cairo Mama said...

That sweet angel girl is back-talking! No way! Ian thought a lot of this behavior last night hilarious. I am still traumatized this morning!

Connie said...

Yes! She is! ;) Altho when I told her not to backtalk, she got mad because she doesn't know what the word means!
Ian probably did think it was hilarious! Hang in there. Honor was a foodflinger - with incredible comedic timing and aim (she didn't do it often, oh!, but she KNEW what she was doing!) - soooo hard to keep the neutral face and tone.
Sorry you had to leave the event, but you did the right thing. There's only so much you can do. You can't punish him for being bored at an adult function, but you can't let him stay and be ornery either! He'll learn. If he wants to do cool stuff with mom and dad, he'd better behave, or you'll leave. I still use the threat - but I haven't had to follow through in a long time... they know I will if needed though so it still works!
btw, I like the map! I should get one too.