Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cursed Electronics


1. Ian knocked the table over with Curt's work laptop (Dell). He had just moved everything off the server b/c of server problems and hadn't backed it up, yet (within hours of moving things off this happened). Both heads on the hard drive are destroyed so it had to fall just right. They sent it out to see if things could be saved. I don't understand this because if you commit a crime, they can recover anything, but if you are a regular person it is impossible.

2. Curt's Apple laptop went on the fritz. It is better since Curt removed the nickel Ian shoved into the disk drive. We think there might be more in there.

3. Curt's ipod is shot. We even took it to the authorized Apple retailer in Seoul and they said it was impossible to fix and very expensive to try.

4. The Apple G-5 desktop just went crazy. It showed the Apple gray screen of death and loud fan whirling. I tried several things to fix it but just made it worse as the archive and install option disappeared. I then just tried to re-install Leopard and it said I had to erase and install. It wouldn't even let me do that:"Installation failed". I think we lost some video of Ian on that computer, but I think I have most of the pictures that were on it. I don't know if we should try to take it to the Apple people in Seoul and struggle with translation or send it to the States to a Mac guru. Of course, we didn't have things backed up either. Hadn't gotten around to it.

My precious MacBook had better survive. I need to do regular backups to an external hard drive. Hope the computer lasts until I can do that.

Trying to let all this go.


Connie said...

Sometimes it seems that a gremlin gets in the house and has to eat several things before it is satisfied and will move on. Yours had BETTER BE full and on its way! Good luck on getting things fixed.

Cairo Mama said...

I sure hope so!