Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Searching for Baby Gear in Seoul

The guidance from Post is "bring baby gear/maternity clothes, etc. before you come".

Thanks. Especially, when I read that AFTER I arrive. But, Koreans get pregnant, too. They have maternity clothes somewhere. I am not pregnant, but am hoping to have a second child and am trying to scout the resources before I need them. For the petite, Korea is a shopper's paradise. It is almost overwhelming how much women's clothing they have, but it is all for small women. There are larger Koreans who have clothes, so there must be a place for larger people to buy clothes (large here is size 10 and above). Again, the guidance from post is "buy before you get here or order online".

My goal is to find things locally so people have options and don't have to contend with the shipping nightmares that the APO can bring. Somethings come very quickly, but there are size limitations and bigger items within the size limitations can take much longer to arrive. I have found some items on Korean sites, but the sites are in Korean and require a Korean registration number to order, but I think if I have a Korean friend help me navigate, I could order online. Haven't tried it, yet, though. Still waiting on resolution to my stroller order from the States that never arrived.

I have seen Ergo baby carriers, Stokke Strollers, Orbits, MacLarens, etc. everywhere. I just found out that my friend bought her Ergo in a store here in Korea for about the same price as in the States. The PX carries very low end strollers and have a very limited selection. Jogging strollers, double strollers, higher end single strollers are in demand and hard to ship from the States so finding a good source would be great. I haven't seen Bumbleride, yet. I wish I had!

To recap my stroller dilemma, I ordered a Bumbleride Indie in March and it hasn't arrived. I contacted the company and they were waiting on a replacement to ship out that was supposed to come towards the end of May. I haven't heard that it arrived and they shipped it to me though. Bumbleride (the manufacturer) left a comment on this blog to contact them so they could try to investigate on their end. They said they shipped what they think was my order to the site I bought it from,, but they, of course, don't control what happens after that. I appreciated that they contacted me, but they can't really do anything about it. They advised me to contact again to check the status. So, that is where I am, I sent them an e-mail and am waiting for a reply. At this point, a refund would be fine as well. Had I known where to purchase a good urban terrain stroller her in Seoul, I could have avoided all of this. I appreciate that is willing to ship to APO. Most sites won't precisely because they don't have control like they do over UPS and FedEx shipments. I just wish I had the stroller. Maybe I will try calling tonight.

I always seem to find a project like this.

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