Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tool! My Tool!

When I take Ian to daycare I say,"Ian, you are going to school today," and "Here we are at your school."

Today, as we pulled up he said,"Tool! My Tool!" He didn't cry when I dropped him off. I am not sure if that is because lunch was just about to be served (he loves to eat) or if he has just adjusted. Either way, it was great!

Next week, I am going to venture off post to somewhere other than yoga. I had him reserved for my regular 9am-12:30pm yoga slot for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but I extended Monday and Thursday to be from 9am-3pm so I can do these outings without Ian. There is a 16 hour limit so I dropped Tuesday. I've decided to drive to the base and take a cab to Insadong on Thursday to write out the driving directions. The American Women's Club meets there so it will be good to know how to drive there.

I think I have finally found a mom to go exploring with. She said she heard there is an IKEA showroom where you can order. It is not a full store, though. That would be awesome! Clean lines and low prices. I could get an affordable livingroom set from IKEA. Instead of making a major investment in furniture that will probably get trashed or buying something super ugly from the post furniture store, IKEA could do the trick. I am hoping it is true.

Third day in a row that I did not get up to exercise. 0 for 3. Maybe tomorrow.


Connie said...

Good to hear he's adjusting. The sooner he is excited about school the better! Kids do best in school with a positive attitude. Not to mention - it makes it easier on you to leave him when he's happy, so you can go take care of you!

Cairo Mama said...

I am excited to go to two places next week without him. I love being with him, but it is nice to have a break and he does enjoy it.