Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today was the first time I left Ian with a babysitter other than my mom. He goes to the CDC on Post, but there are lots of other kids there and he thinks of it like school. I was only gone for 2 hours, to attend my first Korean class, but I was nervous. He cried when I left, but A (the babysitter) took him to the playground and he calmed down. Then, they went back inside to eat dinner and he started crying for me again, so she took him downstairs to the apartment she is cat sitting for our neighbors and he had a great time playing with her grandson. He didn't want to leave. A came up with us and then he criedwhen she left. He doesn't like people to go, but he gets over it fairly quickly,

In other firsts, he said the word "yes" twice today. He usually just signs "yes".

My first Korean class covered the vowels. We received our books and got a little culture lesson. Today's lesson: Korean men drink soju (cheap, grain alcohol) because their wives get all their money. That is why our Korean teacher is still single, so he can drink whiskey. Also, he said that if you get divorced, your career is over. You will not get promoted because the bosses think that if you have trouble in your family, you can't be trusted. Even though I will miss a bunch of classes, I am glad to be getting started. It is achievable, I just need to focus.

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