Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pregnant in Korea, Episode 2

I had my second appointment with Dr. Sung today. The baby's heart rate is 171 and the measurements are on track. Due date based on LMP is March 7, based on sonogram is March 9.

They offered me IV fluid for the nausea, a $600 watch that electronically stimulates the accupressure points or these accupressure point band-aid-like things. I took the last option. She also suggested boiling ginger root and tea. I am feeling a little better.

They took blood this time. The visit plus blood test was $430. Yikes! I think I will get a copy of the blood test results to take to the Amy hospital. I will switch to the Army hospital if I decide to go back to the US, because they will submit to insurance so I don't have to pre-pay. Still, I don't want to repeat things twice, so I will bring my records back and forth until I decide which course.

The other issue I asked the doctor about was a TB test which the Army hospital is requiring. Koreans do a sputum test, but it is not part of the standard protocol. It is good to know, because I don't want to do the skin test. If the Army hospital insists, I will get the sputum test done at the Korean doctor. Nice to have options. There is also a blood test. The korean doctor called the lab and there are two tests they can do, but she said the sputum test is cheaper and more accurate. Fine with me.

After my appointment, I went to a farewell lunch for Ian's friend, Karuna. All four women were c-section moms. Mine was for breech. One had a previous surgery less than a year before delivery and that is why she a section. One had a long protracted labor and failure to progress. I don't know why the last one was a cesarean, but it was her second child so it was probably a scheduled, repeat cesarean.

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Sarah said...

Hi! Congratuations on your pregnancy!

I'm pregnant in Seoul, too...18 weeks along. I started going to Dr. Sung, too, but decided to switch because, as you know, she doesn't deliver, and because she charges an arm and a leg. I'm now going to Cheil General Hospital (biggest women's hospital in Seoul) near Chungmuro Station. My doctor, Dr. Lee, speaks fluent English -- actually, Dr. Sung often referrs her patients to Dr. Lee after the 25 week mark, so she's really good. The hospital is modern and serves a lot of foreign patients. Also, my hospital bills have been very reasonable -- nowhere near what you paid for your last visit!!! @.@ If you decide to have your baby in Korea and you want more info, just ask!