Monday, July 28, 2008

Ian Needs His Naptime

Ian has always stayed up late (10-11pm) and never woken up for the day before 7am (usually between 8-9am). I know many parents put their kids to bed at 7:00pm (or earlier), but having Ian on my schedule just works best for us. He takes a 2 hour afternoon nap. If he misses it, he usually falls asleep before dinner. He stays asleep all night, but I don't like him missing dinner. It seems that I could adjust the dinner schedule and get him down earlier, but Curt doesn't get home until 6:30 or 7:00pm (or later), so Ian needs to be awake to have time with Daddy.

We've never followed a strict schedule. It has been great because Ian is flexible. I'd like to be a bit more scheduled so I can get Fly Lady and exercise in, but I like that Ian and I just go with the flow. He will often tell me when he needs a nap, but not lately. He doesn't even seem tired or cranky, but I know he needs one, because he goes down fairly quickly with just a bit of nursing.

I am glad that I am not too tired so now that he is napping I can get a few things done. I need to Fly Lady the suitcases from our trip, my maternity clothes, Ian's toys and the dishes. It sounds like an overwhelming task list, but I know, if I just get up and do it, it will be done in no time. Curt will feel so much better when he walks through the door and I will feel better when I get up tomorrow. It seems like an unending battle, but when you pick up regularly, you give yourself a fighting chance for a decent house. I am doing well today because I have the Campbell's Soup casserole thing made for Curt to eat (a rarity). If I get the house picked up I will feel very successful. Maybe I will even make it to do my pre-natal exercise tape or walk on the treadmill.

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