Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You, Cairo Connie!

Ian is just about to outgrow his current pjs, so I asked Cairo Connie if she would pick some up for me at the Bio Shop in Maadi when I got the others from. They are organic cotton, which is tough to find in Egypt since most is exported and the price is much better than in the States or Europe. Also, Curt has been craving karkade (hibiscus tea) so we requested some as well.

The other day, the box arrived! The pjs are a little big, but room to row is always a good thing. Besides the karkade, Connie included a few surprises: a wooden puzzle, an Egypt t-shirt for Ian, the new Egyptian coins, copies of the expat magazines for Maadi,Shwarma Spices and drawings from the kids. What a treat!

I had grand plans of taking Ian's picture with all of the stuff, but he has been uncooperative. He got food all over his Egypt t-shirt yesterday and this morning he covered his new pjs in pesto pasta. So, the above picture is Ian with the drawings and some of the pjs.

Thank you Connie, Honor and Brian! We loved the return address label as well!


Connie said...

We thank you too! Not only the the Korean goodies and coins you sent our way, but for tipping us off to the Bio Shop! It was hard trying to think of interesting things to send you, since you've been here, but we tried :-)

The address labels are from a great on-line shop called Mandy's Moon. It's run by a lady who adopted an Asian child and wanted personalized products to fit her family. She couldn't find anything, so she made her own. Good products and personal service.

Cairo Mama said...

Neat! I was wondering how you did them because they do look like your family!

It is always fun to get packages with treats, which reminds me, I need to send you the recipes when you get back!