Monday, July 14, 2008


Ian and I met my new friend, Dan-Bi at the Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong (Apgujeong Station, Exit 6) for Patbingsoo. Patbingsoo is a delicious and refreshing dessert of rice milk over shaved ice with a sweet red bean sauce. We tried a classic version and one with additional fruits. There were also some hidden rice cakes in the mix. Ian really enjoyed it as well. He slept through lunch and woke up during Patbingsoo. After having a few bites, he realized he was hungry. I pulled out his snack bowl with the rice from lunch that I saved for him. He inhaled it and then starting screaming for more rice. Thankfully, Dan-Bi went next door back to the restaurant where we had lunch and they gave us more rice. He ate the whole thing and then excitedly exclaimed,"Found more rice!" as he picked it off his shirt. Hungry boy!

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Connie said...

You always have the yummiest foods! :-) My kids would love the patbingsoo, although Brian would pick off the fruit.