Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yongsan Pool

Ian loves going to the outdoor pool at Yongsan. It has a nice baby pool area with a fence around it that he can play it without assistance, even at its deepest point. But, he really likes the slide into the big pool. (The picture shows him looking at the side through the fence). I have to go down with him and he never gets tired of it. He even likes to swim under the rope afterwards. Last time we went, I threw him up in the air and let him go under and kick his way to the surface. He really loves it. A 12 year old boy named Chris, who was entertaining Ian, was impressed that he doesn't have to hold his nose under water. I think that it due to early swim lessons because the instinct to automatically close off your nose is still there. Ian also opens his eyes under water. Chris went under to smile at him when Ian went under.

I don't put Ian in a flotation device. (He just wears his Warm Belly wetsuit to keep him warmer, it has no floatation properties). Everyone else seems to do that, but when we started swim lessons, the teachers said that it inspires a false sense of confidence and doesn't really teach them to swim. Other swim classes do use them so I guess it is just a matter of which method makes sense to you. Right now, he needs one of us to be in the pool with him and that is fine with me.

Ian wants to go off the diving board, but I don't think the life guards would let me jump off with him. He bellows,"My board. My divin' board!"

The Yongsan pool is free, but you have to have your government id card. I'm sure there are nicer pools in the area, but the Yongsan pool is convenient and free. Can't beat that! In fact, I think we will head out today.

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