Monday, July 28, 2008

Food is Gross

I have developed an aversion to garlic, onions, spice. This is a major problem in Korea. Korea has the highest per capita garlic consumption in the world. It is everywhere. I walk in to the elevator and it smells of garlic and sweat (thank you, summer). Ian's breath after eating pasta: garlic. Everything I usually cook has onions or garlic. It has been rough.

Today, I made a Campbell's soup casserole. Ian refused to eat it. I thought it was good, but I usually don't make that type of food.

The first trimester was rough with Ian as well. I love to eat so it is really hard to push through this. It is hard to feed Ian because I can't stand food.

The Korean doctor said there are some things she can do for me. That is a nice change from the States where they just say, "Eat crackers". I'll post Thursday if anything helps.

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