Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is Coming to Seoul

A few days ago, I was contacted by a researcher from the Travel Channel's Bizare Food with Andrew Zimmern. The show is coming to Seoul and they were looking for restaurant/market/bizarre food suggestions. Since I am fairly new, I referred this request on to some Korean friends. There is a lot of great and strange food here that I have eaten but as far as the best places to go, I am not the one to ask, yet. If anyone reading this blog has some suggestions for specific places for:

1. Royal Court Cuisine
2. Temple Cuisine
3. Where they can eat live squid
4. Silk worms
5. Where they can see kimchi being made
6. Good places for street food
7. Restaurants with strange (for Americans) menus
8. Rice cakes
9. Anything else of interest

I will forward the suggestions to the researcher.

I have never seen the show but some of the people in Korean class had and liked it.


Blacktating said...

Very cool that you got contacted! I am actually a fan of the show, but you couldn't pay me enough to eat some of the things he has. A good friend of mine lived in Seoul for a few years and we used to frequent a Korean restaurant in Queens together. Imagine their surprise that a young, skinny white boy spoke fluent Korean!

Just Me. said...

I don't know how I stumbled on your blog but i did. I love love Korea! When I was working back home, my biggest market was the Korean market cuz Korean men and women buy a lot of make-up and what's not!

I love kimchi and bi-bap, i think thats what it's called! :)

Cairo Mama said...

Bi-bim-bab! I love it, too.

Jerry said...

How about some soondooboo, soondae, jjokbal (pig's feet), and Samgaetang (soup with ginseng and chicken)? Those are pretty unique foods.

Cairo Mama said...

good suggestions!

YKIM said...

I have some suggestions.
1. Live octopus (Called San-nak-ji)
2. Soup made by rotten soy bean paste (Called Chung-gook-jang)
3. Cold noodle (Nang-myeon)
4. rice cake with spicy pepper souce (Street food, Tuck-bokky)
5. pig’s blood stuffed in pig intestine (Street food, Sun-dae)
6. an ascidian (Street food, Mung-ge)
7. Live small squid (un-chopped, live and fresh)
8. Fried mudfish or fried silver fish

Cairo Mama said...

I sent them to the show. Any specific places? Are you in Seoul? They are looking for guides to show them around. Leave me your e-mail if you are interested.