Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cars in the VCR

Ian: Want 'nother car.

Me: Get another car.

Ian: Mommy's help.

Me: OK

Ian then leads me to the VCR where i find a car inside. I pull the car out.

Me: Don't put cars in the VCR, you are going to break it.

I go sit down. Ian comes over again and now he is irritated.

I: 'Nother car!

Me: I got the car out.

I: 'Ugh! 'Nother car, mommy!"

He is still insistently pointing to the VCR so I walk back over and fish around and pull two more cars out. He seems to be satisfied now, but I think I will tape the VCR shut. We haven't used it since we've been here for its actual purpose. Ian just keeps putting cars in there. I usually catch him before they are all the way in, though!

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