Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ian Says Names

Yesterday, we went to the CoEx Aquarium and mall with Jen and her daughter, Karuna. Karuna is a few months older than Ian and much more verbal. We got them balloons after the aquarium. Karuna said,"bloons!" and Ian, who usually says,"Ball!" in refernce to a ballon said,"bloon". He usually says,"ball" quite insistantly. I guess he just didn't believe us when we told him it was a balloon.

But the most exciting thing was that Ian said her name,"Krina". O.K. so he didn't get it quite right, but that is the first name he has ever said. He doesn't even say his own name, yet. Then today when our housekeeper, Nanette, came. I said,"Nanette is here," and he said,"Nanette here." We were walking the dog when she arrived so she went ipstairs ahead of us and Ian said,"Where Nanette go?"

Afterwards, on the way to gymnastics I said,"We are going to see Coach Cathy" and he said,"Cathy".

Lots of verbal progress, but the name thing was most exciting.


Connie said...

Very exciting :-) Watch out, whole paragraphs will be heading your way soon!

Brian was, is, a perfectionist. If he could not say a word properly, he would not say it - whereas Honor was born talking, she just picked up the English language later. We put Brian in a Montessori class when he turned 2, and he immediately started listening too and talking like the bigger kids (up to 3.5, in his level). If they could do it, so could he.

I'm sure Ian is also storing up all those words, just waiting until the time is right to let loose :-) Looks like being with 'Krina' gave him a nice little nudge of encouragement.

Cairo Mama said...

Isn't it funny how they learn something from peers better than from adults?