Saturday, November 15, 2008

Partying at the Dragon

Ian had a birthday party today at Dragon Hill Lodge. There was a balloon maker and a face painter for the kids. I got Ian a balloon dog, but all the other boys got swords so he looked a little pathetic trying to sword fight with a small poodle so he got a sword as well. The line was long for the face painting. They did a really nice job, but Ian was having fun with the balloon sword so we skipped it. He was the only boy who was dressed up. Most of the girls were in party dresses but the boys were casual. He wore his thrift store suit and looked snazzy. It was a little big, but we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and possibly family pictures in March after the baby is born to try to get use out if it, so hopefully it will last through those events.
Here is Ian, sword-fighting with the birthday girl.

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Connie said...

Balloons! One of the clearest memories my kids have of living in the US before we moved overseas (when they were 3yo and 18mo) was going to a restaurant where a balloon maker made then balloons at the table. They still ask to move back to that town so we can go back there. ;-) Looks like Ian had a blast!