Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mosquitos in Korea

1. They don't die.
2. They love Ian.

He has bites all over his face including his eyelid and ears. Annoying! He has bites on the his face on the Christmas card as well. It didn't show much on screen, but it does when it is printed. Oh well. It represents our time here I guess.


Connie said...

oh no! Poor Ian :-( Honor used to welt up really bad from mosquito bites... I actually took her to the doctor more than once just to make sure it wasn't anything else... always turned out to be bites. She seems to have outgrown the severe reaction to them though.

I mix essential oils - patchouli, geranium, catnip, citronella, lemongrass (all thought to repel mosquitos, and they go well together too) to make an anti-mosquito blend, aka 'monster spray'. I went to Oriental Trading Company and bought a dozen furry-cloth cat angel ornaments. Hung them in each room (from ceiling fans, AC vents, etc). Every so often, I put a couple of drops of the oil on each ornament. Smells nice, and seems to help. When they get too dirty - Cairo dust! - I put them in the washing machine in a net bag, and clean them up. They've lost their wings in the wash, but still look decent, and come clean enough to re-use.

Blacktating said...

I, too, am irresistible to mosquitoes and always have been. Sorry, Ian, but it doesn't get any better!

Mama Seoul said...

I get lots of bites also usually, but never on my face and I am not getting bitten a lot right now. Guess he is tastier. Need to try the oils or something. Curt is going to get a mosquitos net also.

Connie said...

They say that some people really do appeal to mosquitoes more than others. I eat a lot of garlic and salt - two things I've heard helps make you 'stinky' to the little vampires, but I am not sure if it works or not. We all have pretty much the same diet, yet Brian and I are not bothered by mosquitoes while Honor and Brad are. At least the welts have stopped on Honor - they were awful! Oh, and I know it's not that I get bitten and can't tell - although my reaction to bites does seem mild - I've been in groups, out in wetlands in Florida and elsewhere, and when beset by clouds of the pests, I have always been one of the few un-molested ones.

Mama Seoul said...

I eat a lot of garlic, I don't wear perfume, I think it is just the taste of my blood, same with Ian.