Friday, November 28, 2008


Curt cooked Thanksgiving dinner and we had two of his unaccompanied coworkers over. I made pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin pie.

The turkey:

Ian going for the camera,"No, MY do it!"

Ian,"doing it" takes Curt's picture:

I went into a turkey coma. Then, I had turkey for breakfast the next day right before a 10am yoga class, big mistake. We also had a get together with Curt's coworkers that night. We didn't last long. Thanksgiving can really wear you out!

We are very thankful to be expecting baby #2 among other things!


Blacktating said...

Beautiful turkey! We cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner this year and I am pretty proud of us. We've even nothing but turkey since!!

Mama Seoul said...

So glad it turned out! It sure is a lot of work and makes you appreciate your mom and grandmother when you do it yourself (or are the primary help as I did)!

Connie said...

Mmmm! Turkey!!! I love roast turkey. Going to have some sandwiches today. I like Ian's picture of Curt :-) Eventually he'll figure out distance, focus, etc.!

Mama Seoul said...

Right now we are just working on him pointing the camera the right direction. He likes to stick the lens in his eye.