Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maternity/Babywearing Coats

Ack! I waited too long to order the maternity winter coat from Old Navy. I wanted it to go on sale, when it finally did, they were out of my size. Old Navy tends to run a little large so I don't want to order a bigger size, especially since I won't get to see it for a month. I am going to have it sent to PA because the ship times to the APO are unpredictable.

I want a dressier coat in black or grey so I can wear it for all occasions. Target has a red coat for $59.99 which is a good price, but I don't want red.

Gap and Destination Maternity have coats for $148 and $100+.

Bump Couture Fleece Trench for $177. It is available on various sites in limited sizes and varying prices.

Olian Maternity Wool Winter Coat for $336.80

Isabella Oliver for $336 and up.

I really don't want to spend more than $150, but would rather spend about half that. I started looking a babywearing coats, but they are REALLY expensive.

Peekaru Original Babywearing Vest for $80

Peekaru Soft Shell for $199

M Coat for $384 CAD (about $310 US)

Babywearing Down Coat for $345

Suse's Kinder Deluxe Coat for $175

Suse's Kinder Divine Ride Jacket for $107

Suse's Kinder Babywearing Vest for $64.99

Aiska Poncho for $160 (on sale at for $99.99)

Mama Jacket Babywearing Wool Coat for $219 (and up depends on the site)

I am going to wait until I get back to the States to get something so I can either try on in person or receive it and return it quickly if it doesn't work out. Worst case scenario is I buy a regular coat in a bigger size which I would rather not do because I will be REALLY pregnant when it is REALLY cold out. My entire third trimester will be in very cold weather. I like the Peekaru vest for price and I could wear it under my regular jacket to cover my belly before the baby is born and then wear it over the baby after it is born. I also like the Aiska Poncho for the sale price, though, in my size, the only color is navy and I'd rather have grey. Additional searching might find other options.

If anyone has any other good sources for maternity or babywearing coats, please leave a comment.


Sarah said...

Wow, I didn't even know they made these types of coats! Cool!

I'm probably just going to go Korean style and get a special blanket designed to go over carriers, but that's still good to know, perhaps for next year if I don't like the wrap thingy.

Mama Seoul said...

With Ian, I just used a regular blanket, but I think the Korean blankets are better because then you don't have to hold them and are still hands-free.

My sister saw this blog post and got the maternity coat from Old Navy that I was going to get but they were out of my size online. She was able to get it in the store.

Think I might get the Peekaru also. The other babywearing coats are too sporty looking for me to pay so much money for and the one that is dressier is too expensive.