Sunday, November 23, 2008

No, Daddy Do It!

Ever since Curt got back from his last trip, Ian has been obsessed with Daddy. If Daddy is home, he refuses to let me change his diaper (oh, yeah, I'm real broken up over that one), help him with his dinner, etc. He wakes up asking for Daddy. This is going to be tough when we go back to the States because that boy loves his daddy.

Curt and Ian have spent a lot of quality time together this weekend. I've made it is yoga on both Saturday and Sunday. Ian has been pooping unnatural amounts and Curt has handled all of it. He even swished a dirty cloth diaper in the toilet (I am out of liners so swishing is required). It was my idea to use to cloth so I don't expect him to handle the mess, but he rose to the challenge.

On top of all that, Curt made cornish game hens and duck in the past few days. He also started prepping Thanksgiving dinner. So we have been hanging out and eating well. Life is good.

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Connie said...

Curt gets lots of daddy (and husband) bonus points!!!

It is funny how kids decide which parent gets to do what. No reason, they just want mom or want dad. Even if it makes no sense. I remember when Brian was about Ian's age - he would insist that Dad had to do some things, like reaching high things, because he could reach better or was stronger, but he would also insist that I was taller than Brad! 5'10" vs 6'4"...hmm? But he was convinced. :-D