Monday, November 17, 2008

Korean Translations for Some Baby Items

Important translation for new expat Mums

속싸개 (swaddling cloth)

애기 이불(blanket for the baby)





유모차 커버(stroller cover against the wind & yellow dusts)

황사(yellow dusts)

유기농 물티슈 or 아토피 물티슈 (Organic baby wiper)


큐티 기저귀 (cuttie diaper)-it’s a Korean name for “pampers “ diapers.)

유아용 세탁세제(detergent for baby’s clothes)

젖병세제(detergent for washing the bottle or toys)

워터 스프레이(water mist)

제일평화시장 2F-3F (jae-il pyoung hwa market in Dongdaemun) –where you can buy baby body suits for reasonable price (Don’t go to department stores to buy baby clothes unless you have a lot of money!)

아기 욕조(Baby bath tub)

아기 비누(baby soap)

온습도계(thermometer for the temperature & humidity)

수유쿠션(breast feeding cushion)

기저귀 교환대 (changing table)

회음부 방석(cushion for the woman who had episiotomies)

귀체온계(ear thermometer)

수유패드(breastfeeding pads)

산모용 패드(Postpartum sanitary pads)

배넷 저고리(kimono style baby clothes for newborn)

아기 손톱가위(baby scissors for nail cutting)

유축기(breast pump)

모유저장팩(disposable breast milk storage bag)

기저귀 발진 크림(nappy rash cream)

유기농, 친환경(organic, bio items)

모기장(mosquito net)

복합식 가습기 ( Humidifier with cold steam and hot steam)

공기정화기 (air ventilator)

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