Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whittling Down

As our departure date nears, I am trying to whittle down our supplies and my classes. Here is my progress:

1. Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies and Bunny Grahams: My sister sent me a case (12 boxes) or each in May and we are down to our last boxes. Ian loves them and they are a bit healthier than the conventional versions. I will run out before we leave, but I glad not to have snacks sitting around for months.

2. Chiropractic Care: I used my 10 classes that you buy as a package and now with about four weeks to go, Dr. Yoo has recommended we go to every two weeks so I will get in 1-2 more treatments before .

3. Yoga Classes: I am down to 8 classes left on my package. I should be able to get those done before I go as well.

4. Dog Stuff: Dog vitamins are gone. Down to one box of dog treats. Using the small bags of dog food so we won't end up with a lot left over. Roxxy is going with us and most likely not coming back until we move again into a house with a yard so I don't want lots of dog stuff left here.

5. Food: My husband loves to buy meat. Right now we have two cornish game hens, a duck, some tilapia, some ground beef and some chicken in the fridge. That is a low amount of meat. We still have to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, but otherwise, I am trying to whittle down our freezer stash.

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