Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Names

I haven't thought about names too much because I was waiting to find out the sex. Since the baby didn't cooperate, I still don't know. There are lots of baby name websites:

Baby Names
Baby Name Wizard

and much more.

I also have several good baby name books thanks to a chance meeting with my friend's boss. She gave me a bunch of baby books and a prenatal yoga dvd.

The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg

Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now

But, I still cannot decide. There are a few things I know:

1. I don't want a name that has a pronunciation that is completely different than the spelling. Examples of cool names like this are Aoife (pronouced E-fa), Niamh (pronounced Neve), Seoirse (pronounced Sorsha). They look pretty and/or sound pretty but seems like a pain to remember how to say them. I have an Irish friend named Aoife and she said it was even a pain for her in Ireland. Of course, that name is much more popular today than when she was born, but still.

2. I don't want a plain name with a fancy spelling like S'ra for Sarah or Karynne for Karen.

3. I want something that is easy to yell. A name like Aurora is pretty, but I don't want to trip over myself when I have to get the child's attention quickly.

That's not much to go on, but if anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment.


Connie said...

Books are a good place to start, but with both kids, I got a notebook and started writing down names. Lists and lists. I'd go through and re-read and re-write them, and then add in multiple middle names and write each of the combinations down with our last name. When the list got smaller, I wrote down the name meanings and studied them too. I Saved them. Re-read. Re-wrote. NOT on the computer, like I do everything else - but pen and paper. Eventually, we left the books and just studied our lists - crossing off selections until we narrowed it down. Our son was easy. Had his name a couple months before he was born. We were down to 2 names for our daughter - in the delivery room. We thought she looked like an Honor more than a Morgan. People asked if virtue names were a family tradition (since I have one) but it was really only a coincidence. We love her name, but having the silent 'H' is a little tough. People want to had a 'u' in the spelling as well!

For the record, I still very much like the name Morgan for a girl. I also loved Trinity (dh thought it was too trendy sounding.. how? I think it sounds old-fashioned! Esp. with a middle name like Rose) and I liked Meredith too (again, dh was opposed, sounded too 'tough' for him, whereas I think it sounds light and sweet, like Melody!)

For a boy, I loved the name Corbin Christopher. No particular reason. Neither are family names. It came from our lists. It just sounds like a good, solid, respectable boy-to-man name.

No more babies for us though, so I guess if I want my own Corbin or Trinity, I'll have to get another cat ;-D ... which the kids will probably name 'Pokemon' or something... ok, maybe when they're in college and we retire? Grandkids? .. oh nevermind ;-)

Good Luck!

Mama Seoul said...

The Trinity that we know here is a boy., but most Trinitys that I have met are girls. I am not religious enough for that name though.

Guess there is no way around but hardwork and lists! Thanks for the ideas!

Connie said...

Have you asked Ian?! :-) Just for grins? Brian was about the same age when we were thinking of names for Honor. He didn't have any name ideas of his own - it had to be a 'girl name' he told us, not like Brian. He liked both Honor and Morgan. When we told him Morgan though, he exclaimed - oh! Like, "Good Morgan! Time to wake up!"... :-D

Mama Seoul said...

Ian doesn't understand about names enough. If I ask him, he will point to my belly and say,"in there."