Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Business of the Day

After a visit to Dr. Phil, the chiropractor (or firopractor* as Ian calls him), we hit Curt's office to pick up the mail and my reimbursement check for my Korea prenatal appointments was in there. It was pricey with the labs so I am glad we got reimbursed. They even reimbursed for the two sonograms which I am impressed with because the protocol here in Korea (and Egypt as well) is a sonogram at every appointment, but in the US, they do not do that. They must know that is how it is in Korea, though and they paid for it. That gives me comfort if that I would have decided to stay here that we would get reimbursed, but I am still glad to be going home. I could never get an answer from people about insurance because the foreigners that go off-post for medical care are with businesses and they are making so much money they don't seem to care or bother with reimbursement. Other friends, like Sarah, have the Korean medical plan so they don't deal with the cost. We have the Federal Employee Blue Cross Blue Shield Overseas Plan if anyone is reading this and wondering.

Then we went to the Four Seasons store on post which has various things including toys, to pick out a present for a birthday party that Ian is going to on Saturday. The child's dad is a pediatrician on post and the mom is very involved in on post organizations so they know a lot of people. Being that the child is an only child and has everything she needs, the parents have asked guests to bring gifts for the orphanage instead of for their daughter. I went to E Mart to pick out a doll because I figured that Korean kids should play with Korean dolls, but they didn't have any. All the dolls had light eyes (mostly light brown) and light hair (ranging from light brown to red to blonde) and they were expensive so I decided to get a doll at the Four Seasons instead. The doll I got comes with an outfit change and a stroller and was only $10. It is in a big package, too, so it should be fun to open. I also picked up two new Hot Wheels for Ian. I love picking out Hot Wheels. He doesn't care, particularly, so I pick them out by colors and shapes that interest me or I tell him to choose one that is a particular color that he doesn't have a lot of in his collection. The best part is that they are under a dollar a piece!

A short stop at the commissary because I forgot eggs when I went the other day and now we are home and ready for lunch.

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Connie said...

yay for reimbursements - I like it when the check really is in the mail!

We like Hot Wheels too. And for such a cheapo toy - they last! He still has his, and he and his sister both play with them a lot.