Monday, November 17, 2008

Affordable Classes for Children and Adults at iPark Culture Center

Classes: Cooking, Sewing, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga, Pilates Mat, Lectures, Music, Art, Children's
Classes (Including Julie's English Ballet for ages 2+)

Cost for the child's ballet is 3 months of classes, one class per week for 100,000 KW.

Where: The iPark Culture Center is located on the 4th floor of the iPark Mall, next to EMart,
close to the base. Take the elevators up and find the Sweet Story Candy Store. There is a
circular seating area in front of it. Face the candy store and make a right. The entrance to the
Culture Center is on the left. You can pick up a course catalog and register for classes there.
The catalog is in Korean. The people there today spoke a bit of English but you might need to
take the catalog and have a friend translate for you.

I haven't taken any classes and won't be able to until next spring since I am leaving for the
States for a few months shortly, but several people in Yongsan Playgroups have kids that
take classes there.

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