Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ian was fussing and started saying,"Nap! Nap! Nap!". I didn't understand him at first, but then I asked,"Do you need a nap?" , and he ran towards the bed. He didn't get a proper lunch, but he had a big breakfast at daycare and then a few fries and bites of burger (Meat! Meat!) that we dropped off to Curt before we came home so hopefully he won't wake up too hungry. He is very angry when he is hungry.


Connie said...

What a good boy! Honor used to be good about putting herself to nap when she knew she needed it (or getting me to put her to bed). She also gets mean when hungry. She and Ian would probably get along fine - or clash terribly!! :-D

We've been going through an "I'm never tired" stage with her - when she obviously is tired. At least, she'll be too tired too early in the evening without a nap, so she still needs the mid-day rest. I think I am finally convincing her that if she would just lay down and sleep when I asked her, she'd only need a little nap, and then be good until bedtime. If she fights nap and plays, then she'll sleep a long time and have a hard time getting to sleep at bedtime too. Would you believe that using the timer is helping with this?! I set it for one hour. If she plays too much, I have to add 15 minutes, but that hasn't been happening much. I think she likes being in control and this helps. She's taking FLYbaby naps!

Cairo Mama said...

That's a good use for the timer. My mom said that even just a rest/quiet time is helpful, even if they don't sleep. I never took a daytime nap. She said I stopped sleeping during the day at 3 months. An exaggeration for sure, but I never took a nap as a toddler/preschooler.
I've been using the timer for"Ian's turn", "Mama's turn" when he wants to nurse or have my attention when I am trying to get something done. It is better if I give him his turn first and then he is much better about letting me take my turn. Now the the Learning Tower is here, he has been helping in the kitchen. Slows things down, but I can still get them done. I've got bulgogi marinating. He helped by holding the measuring spoon while I poured ingredients in and then he got to dump and stir.

Ian would probably love to follow Honor around and do everything she does, like he did with the dancing little girl in the video.

Connie said...

My mom complained that I didn't sleep either - even at night. I do remember spending many a night watching out the window. I need it now though!! Even though I have Honor nap during the day still (I worry because the 2 seizures she had were likely triggered by exhaustion) she has never needed as much sleep as Brian. Rest is good too. Brian doesn't nap anymore, but he sometimes benefits from a 'quiet time'.

If Honor had Ian to follow her around and copy her, she'd be in pure heaven. She's at the not-quite-big-girl stage and is fascinated with babies and children smaller than she is.

I like cooking with my kids too - 'oops' tends to be a major ingredient in many dishes, but that's ok with me.

Cairo Mama said...

The seizures must have been very scary!